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Murrieta, CA

FAQ's & Top Ten Program Questions Answered

1) Are you licensed?

YES.  While licensure requirements vary by state, you should ALWAYS make sure your child's preschool is licensed by the state.  We are licensed through the CA Department of Child and Social Services.  They make unannounced inspections of licensed facilities to ensure that the facility is clean, that children are properly supervised, and that no complaints have been lodged. This also means that all employees have passed background checks.  

2) Can I drop in without calling ahead?

YES.  It might not seem like an important question, but any hesitation from a preschool provider regarding parental drop-ins can be a red flag. If they act like being surprised is a bad thing, you have to wonder, what are they hiding?  We encourage and welcome parental drop-ins anytime.

3) Are all employees current on their CPR and First Aid certification?

YES.  In the event of an emergency you want to know that everyone on staff is up to date on their training. During a catastrophic event every second counts, especially if it’s your child who needs help.  Each of our teachers has completes the First Aid and CPR training class every 2 years, as required by CA DCSS.  We also have a firestation nearby.

4) Do you have a daily schedule?

  • YES.  An organized preschool program should be able to provide you with a copy of their calendar of activities, which we provide for you during your sheduled tour.  We have a very well-rounded schedule that includes things like daily free play, circle time, table time, story time, art, music, snack time, and outdoor time.

    5) Do you provide meals for the children?

    No.  We leave this up to the parents.  We have found that with the increase of food allergies, organic diets, and so forth, we have chosen to allow each parent to make the food choices for your own child.  Each child will bring his/her own lunchbox and water bottle, and we provide a time to eat midway through each class.  We will provide a grain-snack (animal crackers, saltines, pretzles, etc), and water for the children if they forget their snack.  As an additional note, we always provide water whenever a child is thirsty.  

    6) Is my child in a class with children his/her age?

    YES.  An important factor in choosing where your child will go to preschool is what level the children around him/her will be.  Busy Bee Preschool is EXCLUSIVELY a preschool program.  We only accept children in the class where he/she fits according to age.  The Freshman class is only for children ages 3-4, and the Pre-K class is only for children who are 4-5 and will be entering Kindergarten OR Transitional Kindergarten the next Fall.   It is important that your child is in a class with other children at the same age and stage so that they can develop together with evenly received attention.

    7) Do you have a back-up plan if a teacher is sick?

    YES.  When working with kids it’s bound to happen--and you need to know what to expect if your child's teacher is sick.   We have 5 teachers on staff.  All of our teachers are willing and ready to jump into another class and substitute for one of their teamates as needed.  Your child will always have healthy and prepared teachers ready to give them the best learning day possible.   

    8) What is your child-to-teacher ratio?

    3 teachers to 12 children. Unlike most other preschools in the area, we go above the expected ratio of 2 teachers to 12 children for home-based programs, and 2 teachers to 20 children for facility-based programs.   We believe that children are able to learn better when they have  attention from more qualified teachers on site.  This allows the lead-teachers to continue to teach ALL the children even during the typical children-oriented interruptions during a day of preschool.  We have many hands on deck to make sure that ALL children are tended to and taken care of during class.

    9) Are you a year-round facility?

    NO.  Since we are exclusively a preschool program, we run our program like school.  Therefore, we follow the Murrieta Unified School District calender.  We have a 1 week Thanksgiving break, a 3 week Winter break, a 2 week Spring break, and an 8 week summer break, and the usual Monday holidays throughout the year.   As for tuition, you pay the same amount each month regardless of how short or long the month is. We count the days your child will have class for the entire year multiply it by the daily rate, and we get a tuition for the year.  We then divide into 11 payments (months).  We do this so that you can budget your expenses, and know what you will be paying for preschool each month.  We also recommend that parents plan their vacations around our vacations, so that the children won't miss days of class during the school year.

    10) What is your sick child policy?

    Illness is inevitable, but look for a preschool program that limits exposure to sick kids.  We require that all sick children be kept at home, and our policy is that no children are allowed to be at school until 24 hours have passed since the fever, vomiting, or diarrhea has subsided.   Productive coughs, rashes, and nasal discharge are also cause for keeping your child at home.  We do this to make sure that everyone is healthy, to the best of our abilities.  We also realize that children are mobile and very well could have picked up an illness other places, and sometimes your child might not show symptoms until they are out of your care.   If a gets sick DURING class, then we call the parent right away, place them in a special "resting" room away from the other children, and wait for the parents arrival.  

    Regarding vaccinations: Due to CA state law all children must be vaccinated, unless you have a PBF filled out by your health care professional.  Please contact us for more information.  You can request a copy of the form from us.

    **If you have any further questions, please contact Ms. Heather through the "contact us" link.**