Busy Bee Preschool  

Buzzing Through Our ABC's & 123's
Murrieta, CA

Our Class Beliefs

Here are some of the fundamental beliefs that we strive to achieve here at Busy Bee:

1. We believe that each child is special, unique, and wants to learn.  It is our job to find out how each child will learn the best, and then "reach and teach" every child.  It is our responsibility to constantly offer plenty of whole learning experiences using the 4 learning styles of sociological, visual, auditory, and tactile.  We also believe that each child learns in their own special way, and we allow each child to grow and "stretch their wings" the best they can.

2. We believe that young children will learn best in a classroom that has MANY teachers to tend to their every need.  Unlike "Transitional Kindergarten" offered through the public schools, we have small classes with lots of adult supervision.  We are unique in that we have 3 adults to 12 children ratio.  This gives the children an environment of constant encouragement, guided learning, and supervision, therefore giving these children the most positive first school experience ever.  We also have TWO newly renovated classrooms, set up to make learning even more fun, along with a very large backyard playground.   

3. We believe that young children need to have a well-balanced approach to learning!  It is imperative that we allow these children to feel joy within the academics they are learning.  We strive to create a balance of academics, play, and social interaction for 3, 4 & 5 year olds.  Children learn through play.  Here at Busy Bee, we offer different types of play including free play as well as structured play and guided play, all infused with curriculum that teaches the CA state standards for kindergarten.  We have also always taught with the idea that every child learns differently, and must learn many different approaches to solving one problem.  This is the concept behind the new Common Core standards.  Here at Busy Bee,  will continue to teach concepts using our many different mediums and methods, to therefore help these children be prepared to meet the Common Core standards with stride.

4. We believe that an outstanding team of teachers and assistants make a school truly wonderful.  Our teachers are the HEART of this school.  Ms. Heather and her staff of teachers work tirelessly on creating lessons, crafts, activities, and play that enrich each and every child, and magnify their talents.   Our teachers are experienced teachers who have many years of teaching experience.  They love what they do, they love these children, and it shows.    

5. We believe that every child deserves to be in a class environment that is safe.  We understand that at this age children are learning boundaries, and need to be guided to make the right "choices".   Learning to treat others with kindness and respect starts here.  We work with each child, daily, positively, to help them learn HOW to interact well with others.  We keep lines of communication open with parents, through email, phone calls, and personal visits.  We believe that together, we are a team.