Busy Bee Preschool  

Buzzing Through Our ABC's & 123's
Murrieta, CA


Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz)
Laurie Berkner (Buzz Buzz)


Thank you for guiding Ava in a loving way!  Thank you for showing what she needs to know for school.  You are admired and loved!

--H. Hambrick

You have one amazing preschool.  We are so very blessed to be a part of it.  Can't wait until our JrK fun.  Jayden ENJOYS being a Busy Bee and having fun while learning.  It's so great.

--The Percy family

Ms. Heather, thank you so much for all that you've done this year to ensure that our kids thrive in preschool!  I came to Busy Bee on the recommendation of friends that had you as a teacher.  I always hoped that someday our kids would get to have you,, and we're so glad that Sierra had the opportunity!  We couldn't have found a more perfect place for our daughter to remember as her "first" school.  I know that she will always remember you, and everyone else at Busy Bee.  We're so excited for Matteo to return this Fall.  I know he will thrive in your wonderful school!


Thank you for all the love, support & time you have poured into Savannah.  I am blown away by the knowledge she has gained, as well as the confidence.  You will always have a special place in our hearts.  Thank you for loving Savannah.


Another great year!  Words cannot express how thankful we are for you, and Busy Bee.  You've done so much for our boys and we appreciate it so very much!


Thank you, Ms. Heather for being so caring and helping us out this year.  We appreciate all that you have done.  You, and everyone at your school are absolutely amazing!

--The Mayr's

Thank you for sharing your school with us.  You are such an amazing person and teacher.  These two years spent at Busy Bee will always be very special!

--The Andersons

Ms. Heather, I can't say enough nice things about you and the fine school you run!  Paz has absolutely loved coming to you home to learn and grow!   Busy Bee is such a loving, caring school where its students are free to grow, learn and become who they were created to be.  It is a wonderful presence in our neighborhood, community, and world!  All the love for children you each possess is given with our sons and daughters to take with them into life--what a blessing and gift that is!  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.  You have been a great gift for our son, and to me--his mommy.  WE are going to miss you.  But know that you will always hold a special place in our hearts.

--The Alcazar's

I'm so pleased to have found Busy Bee Preschool for our daughter!  Busy Bee provides the perfect balance of everything we were looking for: academics, arts and crafts, language development, singing, silliness, and social development - all within the intimate, loving atmosphere of Ms. Heather's home.  Our daughter has blossomed during the year and half she's been with Ms. Heather - it is amazing!  I can rest assured that our daughter will be more than ready for the demands of Kindergarten next fall - and that is priceless!  Thank you Busy Bee!


 I applaud Ms. Heather for doing an outstanding job!   Anyone looking for a small teacher student ratio and a super loving environment, look no further you have found it.  Busy Bee has it all and so much more.   Ms. Heather is super energetic and creative her curriculum keeps the kids busy and happy.  She encourages parents and grandparents to get involved.  Family dynamics are important to her and are incorporated into her teaching.  My super shy daughter has grown socially and academically thanks to Busy Bee.  Seeing my super shy daughter up on the stage welcoming all us parents to there Christmas show was so beautiful words cant even begin to describe.   In my opinion Busy Bee is the best preschool ever and I dont think there is another one like it anywhere.  Thank you Ms. Heather, and your staff.  your all doing an excellent job!

--Jennifer A.

 I was a bit apprehensive in putting my son in a home preschool but those feelings went away the very first day we met Ms. Heather and the rest of the Busy Bee team.  My son looks forward to going to school every day and I enjoy seeing how much he has learned this past year and a half.  He absolutely adores Ms. Heather, and her team.  Ms. Heather truly makes learning fun and you can see it for yourself whether it be helping out at centers or just popping in a few minutes early before she dismisses the class.  Her excitement for learning rubs off on the kids.  I can't say enough about Busy Bee Preschool.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nurturing and caring environment for their child.  Thank you Ms. Heather and the rest of the Busy Bee team for all that you do for our kids!  We truly appreciate it!


Dear Ms. Heather and all of the wonderful teachers at Busy Bee Preschool,

Words cannot express my gratitude for everything that you have done for my family!  I feel so blessed to have met each and everyone of you.  Leaving your child for the first time with strangers can be very difficult, especially when you are going through the emotional ups and downs of deployments.  You have all been so sweet and made me feel so at ease with having my children go to Busy Bee.  You have always been so kind, supportive and loving to all my children and to myself!  Thank you for everything, you have done for our family.  We will miss you all!  

--H. Bolden